Network Security Stepping into The New World of Service Provider

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the new era of the digital frontier where bigger and faster networks are no longer an essential quality. In today’s competitive world, there is a global limbo of information. All users, devices and business establishments are sharing data rather vigorously amongst themselves. Data, now more than ever, needs to be pushed through service provider networks to feed the insatiable thirst for instant data access on just about any device known to mankind. Thus, service providers are playing a fundamental role in this new age to ensure network security.

With the abundance of available data out there, hordes of online hackers will soon be launching their attack to feast on these invaluable assets and create fears among the users. To provide the necessary protection against these cyber pests, service providers will need to consider these three main features of their security infrastructure:


Security policy

You need to guarantee that a uniform security policy is followed by the corporate and service provider. As data is flowing through these two networks constantly, it’s a good idea for you both to have the same sort of security solutions in place. In reality, you cannot secure all devices along every transaction path. Nor can you totally depend on users to make the right choices when it comes to security.

If this is done correctly, there are no issues when applying security policies and enforcement requirements. This is especially true when data traffic travels back and forth between the domains the organization owns and the ones they don’t.


The process:

Imagine an averagely-skilled IT security personnel being responsible for managing up to 14 dashboards. This process is not sustainable. Particularly when the network capacity continues to magnify but there is a shorter timeframe for responding to threats.


Value-added security services are an excellent feature for business organizations that lack the necessary skills and tools to manage and deliver security effectively across a hectic and heavily-circulated network environment. 



Solutions protect against malicious threats and attacks. Nowadays, this is vital for future generations. The majority of security solutions available today do a decent job in threat detection and prevention in a safe and predictable way, at its best. But for the newly evolved and complicated outbreaks, they require a detailed organization between multiple devices to recognize these attacks. In due time, these threats will make an impact on the network’s integrity and those of their customers if the service providers are not fully prepared at all times.


Put your trust in Global ITN

Global ITN is an industry expert in identifying potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. This is done through detailed examination and analysis of your current networking system. As required, we will provide consultation, training and implementation of reliable security measures to protect your IT infrastructure.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Complete security solutions for your business: covering multiple locations, varying devices, internal permissions, network security, inbound and outbound traffic monitoring.
  • Analysis of your system for any security threats in your network. Propose solutions to protect your business IT systems and data.
  • Security service solutions to scan systems for compliance issues with firewalls, IPS devices and other equipment exposing communication vulnerabilities within your network.
  • Advice and consultation for your business security strategy and standards.
  • Auditing IT templates to ensure consistency, compliance and security.
  • Also, interactive workshops to raise threat-awareness within your in-house IT team


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