The Internet

With our routines so-connected to the online domain, the question has become more significant than ever before: what would happen if the internet stopped for a day?

Jeff Hancock, a lecturer from Stanford University, often gives his students weekend projects. He creates thought-provoking theories to be investigated and then discussed the following day. For one such project in 2008, Jeff requested that his students abstained from internet usage for more than 36 hours. Then, they debated on how it personally affected them. “When I tried to introduce the task, there was a class revolt,” Jeff recalls the episode. “They emphatically said the assignment was impossible and unfair.”

Students adamantly stood their ground for their internet dependency: incomplete assignments, social existence collapse and unnecessary panic due to the lack of online status. Jeff gave in eventually and cancelled the activity; an attempt he won’t repeat in future classes. “Imagine, with current mobile as present as it is today, I don’t even know what students would do if I asked them to do that same project today” he says.

A poll on internet usage was carried out in the United States recently with 73 percent of Americans claiming to use it daily. Figures in the UK are similar: a 2016 survey found that nearly 90% of adults had used the internet in the previous three months. As of now, we can officially consider ourselves as cyberspace addicts and nobody is going to go cold turkey anytime soon.

Strengthening the internet – business relationship

Traditional businessmen with old-fashioned marketing strategies printed out leaflets and put advertisements in the newspaper. In the hopes that local customers will invest some interest in what they had to offer. All that changed with the inception of the internet. Businesses are no longer dependent on their local customer base for survival; they now have a worldwide audience for both goods and services. The internet has changed not only a business’ customer base, but how a business communicates with its employees, as well as how it finds and manages the competition. Here we list some of the ways that the internet has become an integral part of any business:


Firstly, the interaction between a business and its employers, associates and customers have evolved considerably with the internet. Email and instant messaging have become necessary tools for business communication nowadays.



Secondly, there is an ongoing trend among businesses to work from home with office equipment provided. This method will allow business sectors to cut operating costs and lesser office space.



Thirdly, it is essential that a business knows what its customers want and deliver it. Surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms and comments on a website monitor customers’ needs.



Also, the internet as a marketing tool gives access to customers all over the world. Business websites, banner placement and search engine optimization invite all businesses into the digital world and introduces them to millions of potential clients.


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