There is often a reason why your laptop or desktop behave erratically. It is often due to IT glitches. Slow functioning speed or pop-up advertisements on your screen can be really annoying IT issues. In a way, your device is trying to tell you that its mechanisms are vulnerable to internal malicious attacks. However, you might possibly be the one who caused it.


Examples of when IT issues can occur

  • Falling for random support scam:

    You see a pop-up box on your laptop screen from a company you might recognize. They show you a misleading report that involves your laptop system and are offering some type of a long-term IT support plan. Do not trust them! Don’t go to any website they mention or provide any payment information for their alleged services. No legitimate IT solutions company will overwhelm you with pop-ups and demand for a purchase. These crooks are often successful in scaring unsuspecting users into believing their scheme.

  • Do a backup:

    Often people don’t often see the real importance of backing up their computer until they lose all of their important documents. Don’t be one of them!  It is good to get into the habit of carrying a flash drive or an external hard drive wherever you go. Back up your data and keep it for safekeeping.

  • Get extra malware protection:

    No single antivirus program can catch the millions of viruses and their variants out there. Many of them also don’t stop other junk, which may not officially be malware but can lead to other problems, commonly called potentially unwanted software (PUP). Therefore, it’s best to have some extra protection alongside your full antivirus.

  • Don’t buy computers just because they are cheap:

    There is nothing wrong with buying cheaper IT laptops and PCs but you should also be aware that you get what you pay for. Often unwary owners will be short-changed just because of a better deal. Ultra-low-cost PCs normally have very low-end processors with no USB ports and other features you might need over time. Remember to do your own research and read reviews before making a tech purchase.

  • Reboot your IT equipment often:

    One of the steps in troubleshooting any computer issue is to reboot all affected computers or other devices. For example, if you have an issue with printing documents, just restart both the computer and printer and try again. Also, you should reboot your laptop regularly or shut it down completely. Letting your laptop sleep is never a good idea. What you are doing is wasting electricity and leaving programmes open. Shut down your laptop completely when you’re done for the day instead of leaving it into sleep mode. Reboot it once every few days if you can.


The Importance of IT Security

IT Security takes a critical role in augmenting the surveillance of data transfer across your IT system. Global ITN provides a strong and secure IT defence mechanism to protect you against malicious attacks such as malware, virus and data loss. With suitable security solutions from us, rest assured that your data is protected against malicious attacks.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Penetration testing consultancy.
  • The rule set changes and validation.
  • Configuration changes.
  • Firewall upgrades.
  • Patch management.
  • General maintenance.
  • Backup and recovery.
  • 24×7 security event monitoring.
  • Performance and availability management.
  • Strategic network planning.
  • Fault analysis.
  • On-demand report.


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