3 Tips to Becoming a Procurement Superstar

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Buying technology hardware and getting advice from a specialist can be challenging for any sized business unless you engage with the right procurement specialists. It’s not just about the product you buy, it’s how you buy it. Here are the top three procurement traits that leading companies share:

1.Focus on overall success 

Procurement superstars consider the success of an overall project as the ultimate demonstration of the effectiveness of the procurement process. The main idea of a procurement process is that it should find the solution that delivers the best return. Therefore, it should enable suppliers to make sure they can deliver what they promise.

Remember: Your procurement performance is the project’s performance. They are one in the same.


2. Engage stakeholders and anticipate their needs


Already purchased all of the equipment for a project? Great! But that is only part of the whole procurement process. A smart move will be involving the investors from the beginning so that you understand their various concerns and develop solutions in case of any unexpected challenges. Try to learn as much as you can from suppliers and have the initiative to get advice from the procurement experts.


3. Embrace progressive procurement practices

Besides human interaction, information technology should also play a key role in successful hardware acquisition. Multinational technology company IBM reported that top performers are using IT to do the normal, ordinary tasks while using statistics to enhance staff performance in other areas. The study found a significant gap between companies. Nearly half the top performers used integrated, advanced analytics, another 26% could do forecasting. The remaining half of the lowest performers used basic analytics or worse.


Each company should implement an IT procurement process to exchange information about managing procurement procedures and tasks and to maintain collaboration between people involved in the IT procurement process. Such a model serves as a framework used by management teams to make the process of acquiring information technology easier and more comprehensive. This process will ensure your company has the required IT hardware, software, and systems and that you are following best practices for product procurement.


Global ITN can assist you in the procurement process. This is from recommending the specific IT equipment that you need in your company to get the most competitive prices in the market.



Finding suitable IT hardware for your business can be a challenging process. Specifications, costs, quantity, and logistics are just some aspects of procurement to consider. With the expertise of our procurement team, Global ITN will help you purchase customised IT hardware that best suits your business needs.

At Global ITN we ensure that your business operates on high-quality IT systems. With your business needs in mind, we do the laborious work of researching the products at the forefront of technology, selecting the most reliable vendor to purchase the products from and processing the order. By collaborating and partnering with market leaders we offer very competitive pricing to help reduce your financial expenditure.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Professional consultation with regards to the criteria of quality, specifications, and price needed
  • Products supplied by leading vendors with competitive prices
  • Timely purchase and on-time delivery
  • Also, up to date news on the latest quality equipment in the market


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